Homemade Graham Crackers – Grain-free, gluten-free, GAPS-legal, etc.

 The final stage of making our homemade Healthy-ish S’mores is the graham cracker.

That was a pretty tough part, and truth be told I haven’t quite perfected it just yet, but I’ll give you a direction to go in.

Trying to make grain-free and starch-free graham crackers is pretty rough. You really do need to have a starch of some sort to have good results in baking, but I was pleasantly surprised with these.

I tried two recipes I found – a coconut flour-based graham, and an almond flour-based one.

Here are the coconut Grahams… didn’t get a picture of the almond ones, unfortunately!

So yeah, I was pretty happy with these.  They had great flavor and were pretty simple to make.  The grahams came out a little softer than the storebought kind, but that actually made them easier to eat.

My thinking is… if I could combine the recipes somehow, I bet I’d have a winner. So, that’s my plan. Except I’m out of almond flour at the moment, so this project will be put off for just a while.

However, I figure I might not get the graham perfected soon, and seeing as how it’s nearly Independence Day already I figured I should post something for ya!

(oh yeah, and I would have posted these sooner but our internet was out for DAYS.  It was awful.)

So, in the meantime – here are the recipes I tried:
Coconut Flour Graham Crackers
Almond Flour Graham Crackers