Homemade Honey Marshmallows

 So step 2 of our homemade Not-So-Bad-For-You s’mores are the marshmallows.

Probably the most fun and easiest part, I never realized how simple these guys are.

But the cool part is homemade marshmallows can be so much more than JUST MARSHMALLOWS.

Confused yet? Read on!

Really, all marshmallows are, is a sugary syrup with gelatin that’s been whipped till it’s fluffy. Kitchenaid mixers really come in handy here.

Then you pour it all into a lined pan of some sort and let it cool for a couple hours.

I used parchment paper, which I figured would be easier than trying to flour/starch the pan into oblivion.

Cut it apart with a knife (it feels like you are cutting foam rubber, oddly enough) and toss them in some sort of starch or flour (I used coconut flour) and you are good to go.

I never realized you can make them with honey until I tried and they worked quite well. And… for those of you who need to know, these bad boys are GAPS legal, Paleo and Primal, etc.

And I loved the reactions I got…

“Bethany – these taste like REAL marshmallows!”

Har har har.

In all seriousness, they were really good and made excellent s’mores. One thing we observed is how they got more liquidy when they were heated than the commercial guys… which got our minds cranking.

I left a bunch of them home with my mom Marie so she could experiment a little with them.

Other things you can do with these

Since they tended to get very spreadable when melted, we thought it would make a good topping for desserts and IT DID!

Marie made a cobbler and melted some of these guys on top and they were SO good. I bet they would be a very interesting cake filling, as well. And don’t forget to try them with hot chocolate!

So – there you have it. These were so easy and my kids LOVED making them. The other cool part is there’s no limit to what kinds of different flavors you could experiment with.

Think chocolate, gingersnap (with some molasses and ginger), almond, orange cream, strawberry, creme de menthe… I could go on.

But I won’t… instead, I’ll just shut up and give you the recipe.

I found it here at the Nourishing Gourmet and I’ll just link over – I didn’t modify it aside from quadrupling the recipe.  Yum yum!