Homemade S’Mores that are HEALTHY and even GAPS-legal

 Imagine that, eh?

The truth is, summer’s just not SUMMER without a gooey-sweet s’more in hand.

But… what to do if you are avoiding certain foods like wheat, refined sugar, corn syrup, and the like?  Make your own!

Okay, I will tell you these ARE a little more work, mainly because you have to make three different components.

But when you do make them – well, it was really nice to be able to have s’mores this last weekend at our annual family get-together and not have to cringe as I handed them to my kid.  Or the other kids.

Or as I stuffed my own face!

My version of healthy, homemade s’mores includes grain-free graham crackers, honey-sweetened dark chocolate, and homemade honey marshmallows (which were SUPER fun to make).

If you are on a special diet… these are gluten-free, refined sugar-free (honey only), grain-free, paleo, primal, and GAPS/SCD legal.  Phew!

I will say that I’ve been experimenting lately with a lot of GAPS type (honey only, no grains or starches) dessert recipes and have been quite unimpressed with the results.

These were a little different, though.

They felt more like a s’more dessert for grown-ups rather than the sticky-sweet sandwich we usually think of them as.  I actually ate mine with just one cracker on a plate using a fork.  It was quite decadent.

Even my dad who is a HUGE skeptic of all this “weird food” I make sometimes loved them, even.

That’s a pretty big testimonial.

Oh yeah, and the kids didn’t even NOTICE.  Not just my kids, but my siblings’ kids too!

So, allow this to be a preview for you.  And maybe for YOUR next get-together, you can put these together for yourself.  And if you do ANYTHING, make the marshmallows.  Seriously… they are way cool.

So… here are the recipes: