Review: Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil


Why Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil

Enter the coconut oil debate. 

In recent years people have considered tropical oils to be so unhealthy because they are (gasp!) saturated.

Except they forget that our brains actually require saturated fats in order to function properly.

And we’re not talking tiny amounts here, people.

I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t want to limit anything my brain needs to function properly.  I have enough problems in that area as it is!

Coconut oil has been eaten for centuries without humans dying out from heart attacks the way the fear-mongers would have you believe.

Minimally processed, it is healthy, delicious, and has a natural sweetness without added sugars.

Actually, these days we’re now finding out more and more about the health qualities of coconut oil and other natural fats, as opposed to solvent-extracted vegetable oils like canola or soybean… but I digress.

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil – Ethically Produced

I came across Tropical Traditions a while back, was checking out their website and I was really liking their story.  Food quality is very important to me and they source all their ingredients ethically.

The coconuts that they use are already growing there and considered too remotely located to be profitable by the big food producers.

Before TT came around, those coconuts would pretty much fall and rot.

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Review

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They employ people in the Phillippines who live very remotely to harvest the coconuts & press this oil for them – employing people fairly and using a commodity that would otherwise be wasted.

It’s actually a pretty fascinating process – they grate the coconuts and the oil naturally separates.

I’ve pressed oils in my handcranked oil expeller press and it was pretty tough.  I actually think I would LOVE to research and try this method.

I’ve used coconuts before – separating the coconut meat from the shell is very hard work so I have nothing but admiration for the people who manufacture this stuff by hand!

I was talking to someone there at Tropical Traditions and in talking with them they offered to send me some of their Gold Label virgin coconut oil to review.  Great!  I’d used virgin coconut oil years ago and liked it then.

I also use their coconut flour in my grain-free flour mix, and I have great results with it, so I figured this would probably be pretty decent.

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil – High Quality

Except… theirs was not like the other oil I’d gotten, it was better.

An indescribably sweet-without-sugar coconutty flavor, a smooth texture and the feel of how it just melts on the tongue…

I think I finally understood why some people will eat coconut oil with a spoon.

Here’s a link to their oil – Click here

If that sounds weird to you… well it is kinda weird but I found myself sneaking it anyway!

My first thought was… “I need to make candy with this.”  But candy Bethany-style!

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil – Bethany-ized

The first thing I did was melt it together with a little dark chocolate.  Simple and… oh wow.  Yum.

Still my favorite way to eat this stuff, actually.  It tastes like a coconut-chocolate Magic Shell.  But what I really loved making was my homemade almond joy bars.

These bars are delicious.  They are different than most almond joy bars in that they don’t have much added sugar, and the filling is basically just coconut – unsweetened coconut mixed with coconut oil, homemade coconut cream with a little touch of honey.

I then coated them with the coconut oil/chocolate mixture, which put them over the moon.

I’ll post the recipe in a few days.  Tropical Traditions has also generously offered to donate MORE Gold Label coconut oil for a giveaway for a very special reader, so we’ll do that when I post the recipe.  In the meantime…

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil

Bethany’s Thoughts on Tropical Traditions coconut oil

I’m a pretty frugal gal.  And this oil is not cheap.  The quart size jar costs about $40.

It is worth it, like many other things that I like, but because of the cost it’s not something I’d use every day.  But undeniably…

…buying a product that is handcrafted from remote, rural areas in a foreign tropical country isn’t going to be cheap. 

It is an indulgence, and a luxury.

However – I was so inspired with cooking ideas when I first got this, that I will continue to reorder it and keep it on hand, especially during the holiday season.

Not only that, but they sometimes offer pretty deep discounts.

For instance, as we speak, the quart-size is 25% off and the pint-size is BOGO plus on sale, which ends up being about half price.

Plus they do sell it in bulk, and coconut oil has a very very long shelf life.

Since I began eating a grain-free, high saturated fat diet, I’ve been keeping my eye open for ways to satisfy my insatiable sweet tooth without over-sugaring myself.

This stuff does the trick.  It’s weird how it tastes sweet but isn’t sweetened… I can’t describe it.  All I can say is – it is worth it for you to give it a try.  Even if you just buy it as a treat or indulgence once in a while.

I won’t be using it a lot… though I will be honest – if our budget wasn’t so tight, I would eat some of this every single day.

I feel good when I have it, it tastes good, and it helps me get more healthy saturated fats (which my body seems to respond very well to, contrary to what the “experts” would like me to think).

If you want, you can click here to check out the current prices -  by using this link you’ll get a free copy of their virgin coconut oil book plus I’ll get a discount for referring you.  It’s win-win!

Oh… yes and before we go – the legalese:

Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.

Legalese aside, Tropical Traditions coconut oil is awesome. You can thank me later ;)